GH And Petey's Timberwolves Blog

Friday, October 29, 2004

Welcome poster(s)!

I would also like to give props to toey for the post on this unkown blog. If this keeps up, we may actually post for the whole season!

I apparently have to actually finish my previews on the divisions now that The House has gotten everyone's hopes up. This could happen this weekend while it's still technically preseason -- stay tuned.

Speaking of the preseason -- I give no weight to preseason play ... period. It's sorta cool to see players try to start gelling, the coaches tinkering, and players talking smack in a game of absolutely no significance (a la Paul Pierce spitting at the Cavs bench -- very classy move btw).

However, because it is basically warmups for the starters and a desperate showcase of talent (or lack thereof) by the hopefuls, it is *very* difficult to use that as basis of how the team will operate in the future. It is good for one thing though -- showing which players are healthy (Grant Hill apparently is drinking Sprite again and has sent a big case to Zo) and resting the ones who aren't (basically everyone else).