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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Preseason Underway!

While the World was busy gawking at the horrible umpiring of MLB, the Wolves were getting busy at home against Milwaukee for the first time this season! A few days later, the Wolves traveled to Indiana for their second game.

Already, things are not quite off to the start I envisioned. Neither KG nor Marko have played a minute because of injuries, and Wally had to leave during the third quarter with a foot injury during the Bucks game. Not the kind of thing you want to hear about someone who missed all but 28 games two years ago with plantar faciitis.

The good news is that neither Marko nor KGs injuries were serious. KG was read to go, but the coaching staff had to tell him "no". I actually heard rumors that they sent some guys out to slash the tires of his H2 just to keep him away.

Wally's injury is likely to keep him out for the remainder of the preseason and possibly into the regular season as well.

The good news is that McCants is off to a very good start, leading the Wolves in scoring in both games and shooting a very solid 13-25 from the field.

Here are the things I think will be big question marks for the Wolves this upcoming season in order of importance.

1. Marko Jaric

If he can play well and stay healthy it should help everything else fall into place. They've typically been at their best when they have stability at this position and were severely hampered by the play at that position last season. Cassell was unspectacular and Hudson proved night in and night out that he was not capable of making good decisions on the court. However, health is a big question for him as is his ability to fit in on the Wolves.

2. Wally

He was supposed to be a big part of the Wolves new offensive system. With him likely being out for the preseason, this will put a damper on things.

3. The Rookies

The Wolves haven't really had rookies for and the ones we've had haven't gotten any PT at all. This year however, they will have to find a way to fit in. The depth simply isn't there. They don't have to be spectacular, but they at least have to be adequate. McCants is off to a good start already.

4. Hassell

Hassell often found himself thrust into the starters role by default last season. There's no doubt he's a great defender, but he's going to need to find some way to get himself involved more on the offensive end next season. He's good at hitting open 15-footers and has shown the ability to drive the basket from time to time. However, if he doesn't do anything but stand there, it leave the Wolves playing 4-on-5 most of the time on offense.

5. KG's Sanity

I've never questioned KG's heart and I never will. However, there's only so many times you can watch your buddies die face down in the muck in Nam and keep your head straight. Another season like last one could really cause him to lose it.