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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Done with Finals

So I took my last final today and will now have plenty of time to relax and watch basketball. So I got out of class and picked up a tasty dinner from Erbert's and Gerbert's then headed to Best Buy to pick up a video game and the new Korn CD to entertain myself after the Wolves game.

After 4 rather disappointing losses, the Wolves pulled off their most impressive win of the season. Instead of getting an 18-point lead and blowing it, the Wolves got an 18-point lead and then added another 18 points (almost). In fact, had it not been for garbage time (i.e. the 4th quarter) they might have won by 40.

Highlights of the 4th quarter included Tskitishvdhsnbsvili getting his first PT of the season and scoring and Maddog stealing the ball and attempting a breakaway before almost turning the ball over at the other end.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot to say about the game. The Wolves played well on both ends of the court and didn't have a remarkable 2nd quarter meltdown (as is the style of the time). The only new and interesting thing worth noting is that early in the game, the Wolves started running a lot of fast breaks and tried to get the ball into KG (and later EG). This is a new idea for the Wolves and one that I like quite a bit.

Though the execution was a bit sloppy tonight, the idea enables the Wolves to get the ball down the court in a hurry. If they get the ball successfully to KG there's a good chance he'll be able to get a very good low post shot. Even if he misses it, he's already in a good position to get an offensive rebound without the other team properly set up. Of course, if no good shot is available, he might be able to find someone else streaking down the court, or at the very least, pull the ball out and have a full shot clock to work with.

Stat Line of the Millenium

Kobe Bryant 62 points, 0 assists

I actually had the privilege of watching most of this game and it was pretty entertaining. The good news for all you Laker haters out there is that this performance will convince Kobe to take every bad shot he can get for the next 5 weeks before he figures out that it will be impossible to perform like that every night.

It was also obvious while he was playing that Kobe's main concern on the court was to show everybody how big his penis was. Since he wasn't in the friendly confines of a Colorado hotel, the best he could do was show everybody how many points he could score. Every time he got the ball, he was out to take the shot. He seemed to have no worries about whether or not his actions were good for the team. It seems to be a very different philosophy than KG ever has while he's on the court. When KG is out there, his top priority always seems to be doing what will help his team win. He's always looking to get the team the best shot possible, which is probably part of the reason he's never had a game quite like that.