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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Good Sonics Pwning

After playing really well for a while, then playing extremely poorly for a while, the schizophrenic nature of the Timberwolves continued as they beat the crap out of the Sonics on Wednesday.

In addition to solid performances by KG, Wally, and Marko, a big key to the victory was the outstanding play by EG.

One of the biggest differences I saw from him on offense in this game was that he was moving very well without the ball. His biggest offensive asset is already is ability to offensive rebounding, which is sort of a subset of moving without the ball.

He's big, so if he can move well he'll be tough to guard. When he doesn't move well, that's when he just tends to stand there and shoot long jumpers. I think it's finally clear to him that he shouldn't be shooting these, on several occasions, I even saw him flinch--but instead of putting the ball up, he swung it around for a better shot.