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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sloppy Seconds

For the second straight night, the Wolves had a horrendous 2nd quarter, which eventually cost them the game.

This time though, the crappiness seemed to span the entire quarter as the Wolves were held to a franchise low 8 points. At one point, the Wolves sporting a lineup of: EG, Kandi, McCants, Jaric, and THud. I have to wonder exactly what Casey was thinking putting this lineup in the game. The Wolves had been struggling to score points and this lineup doesn't contain anyone who really creates his own shots.

Kandi has been decent enough at the low post, but without KG in the game the defense will be free to double team him. McCants will eventually be good at creating his own shot, but he's not up to NBA par yet. Jaric is actually okay at driving to the hole, but seems a lot more comfortable when he knows that there's a good jump shooter out there to kick the ball to if he gets in trouble. EG's entire offensive game relies on rebounding (at least there should be a lot of these for him to get with this lineup). That leave THud, who is really the only one who can create at all, though he seems to prefer running around screens to take jumpers.

Now if you take this lineup and insert Wally instead of McCants, it becomes a lot better. Jaric can drive and know he'll have a good jump shooter out there and THud will be able to run a high pick and roll with him.

In addition, Wally has shown vastly improved ball handling this season and has become much better at driving to the basket. I haven't written much about Wally yet, but it's time for me to give him his props. Right now, he's playing the best basketball of his career. He's diversified his game from just being a jump shooter (something I actually didn't think he'd be able to do) and has improved on defense as well. He's developed a knack for drawing charges, which is actually not a bad ploy for someone who isn't the quickest on D. At least this way, he'll get a charging call with some regularity, which is better than just letting his man abuse him. Plus, he's got a fairly wide body, so it will be harder for people to get around him.

That said, I think that the Wolves should have either KG or Wally in the game at all times. This could perhaps prevent 0-18 streaks and 8 point quarters.

Return of the NBA bets!

Hopefully these start going better than before my hiatus and better than my poker has been going the past week. Guh.

Denver(+4.5) at NJ $32.10/$30
Dallas(-7.5) vs Orlando $32/$30.15
Portland(+4) vs. Seattle $30.30/$30