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Thursday, September 15, 2005

And Now For Some Actual Timberwolves Content

I've decided to take a break from my sports betting series and post some actual Wolves content for a change. There has been a lot of talk about the terrible offseason the Wolves have had. For a while, it looked like resigning Madson would be the highlight of the summer. However, we then made a solid trade with the Clippers and started stocking up on young talent.

They lost the Michael Finley sweepstakes, but I can't say I'm surprised. Finley is getting paid a lot of money from the Mavs to not even play this year. He was going to take a contract where he had the best chance to win a championship. The options he considered where the Spurs, Heat, Suns, and Wolves. Of course, looking at that list, there seems to be one team that really sticks out as being significantly worse than all the others. Yes, there was a second when I thought he might actually come here, but in reality, there's no way we could compete.

It's likely going to be a rebuilding year for the Wolves. The funny thing is, once most players are entering their 11th year in the league (believe it or not, KG's played 10 full seasons now) you start to think that a player is getting to do or die time in their career. You'd think that you have to make a move now to try and win a championship. The thing with KG is--he's not even 30 yet. He's certainly in his prime years, but I expect him to keep a high level of play for quite a few years yet.

I think that the Wolves needed to take a step backwards this year to take a step forward. Trying to remain one of the elite teams by clogging our payroll with over-priced veterans would have lead to an even bigger disaster in a couple of years once they got old and we were stuck paying them.

This way, at least we have potential. We've got KG and a bunch of kids. If they don't produce, we can ship them out and try again.

Still, I'm not completely satisfied with the way things went. Our draft was bad and we haven't really managed to greatly improve anywhere else on our roster. I have some thoughts on most of the players we've acquired, but those will have to wait for another day...