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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm Kevin Garnett, Bitch!

Last night's game was a very good sign that the Wolves are back. Although Utah's record is not very good, they're actually a pretty decent team. They started off the season quite well until AK-47 got hurt and then things fell apart for them. Now that AK's back, the Jazz should be a better team, though not really a title contender.

The Wolves offense started out slow (as has become tradition). Though this time was especially bad. They scored a season low 36 points in the first half. They didn't seem to be playing poorly, but they just couldn't seem to make an open shot. Even free throws seemed to be hard.

Despite this, I never really got the impression that the Wolves were being heavily out-played, but once the deficit got down to 16 points, I was about ready to turn off the TV. Then, somewhere during the 3rd quarter, things started to snap for the Wolves. All of a sudden we came storming back, and started making all the shots we had been missing the entire game. During the 4th quarter, KG just had this look in his eyes like he wasn't going to lose this game. He has the look like he would knock over an old lady in a wheelchair to get a rebound.

Now that the Wolves have their mojo working again, they have a rather tough schedule coming up during the next week with games against Sacto, Milwaukee, the Nashes, and the Rockets. The week will be a good test of how good we really are. There are still a couple of key issues facing the Wolves, a couple of which I will address here (and the rest will wait until next blog):

A Trade

Petey's been addressing this issue a little bit with possible trades that could go down. With the Wolves recent success, I'd say that a trade now seems less likely. It is still, of course, not out of the question. The Wolves have some pieces which don't really seem to fit into the puzzle the way we would want them to, and they still have some weaknesses. If the Wolves struggle during the next week, we might see them try to make a move. If they continue to dominate, I'd be very surprised if we tried to do anything.


Though he has officially been off of suspension for 4 games, last night was the first game in which he actually logged minutes. Between this year and next, he's eating up $11 million dollars of payroll. That's a ridiculous amount of money for somebody who's completely worthless. He came into the game for the first time and got an offensive rebound on the very first possession. Just as I had enough time to think "Maybe that time on the bench did him some good" he then committed an offensive foul and turned the ball over. I doubt any team (the Warriors?) would be stupid enough to trade for him, so it'll be up to Flip to try and find some way for Kandi to play well, though at this point, I'm not overly optimistic.