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Friday, January 14, 2005

Finally, A Good Use For Kandi

I feel like I can breathe a little. The Wolves managed not to fall under .500. I wouldn't call it a big win so much as I would call it a big "not loss". Before the game, I read this article about how Flip Saunders has figured out what's wrong. He didn't really elaborate, but the fact that he said he knew left me cautiously optimistic about today's game.

The Wolves played pretty well throughout and Hudson and Sprewell each had one of their best games of the season. However, let's not forget who was the true MVP of this game was--Michael Olowokandi.

We've been searching for a good use for Kandi and I think we've finally found one. He can pick fights with players on the other team and get them ejected. This must be what Flip was talking about! We'll get Kandi to start punching people.

Nene and Kandi had been going at it for a while, and it finally exploded with 7 seconds left in the third quarter. After a missed shot by Andre Miller, Kandi started going back up the court and sort of walked into Nene and Nene head-butted him. Next, Kandi proceeded to take what Petey called "his best shot of the season"--a weak punch/shove that barely grazed Nene. Then Nene completely lost it and started flailing wildly in Kandi's general direction.

This was the best of all worlds for the Wolves. First, we got rid of Kandi and they lost Nene. Personally, I would have been happy if they had lost anybody who had played more than 5 minutes in that game for Kandi. Second, Kandi will certainly earn a suspension for this, which will give him time to go to bars and stare at chicks. This will hopefully refresh him and get him ready to come start a fight with someone like Tim Duncan. Third, the Wolves seemed inspired after the ejection. When Kandi went out, the Wolves lead 65-61. With 7:50 left in the game, the Wolves had pushed that lead to 79-67. From now on, Kandi's nickname will be "The Fire Starter".

Then, the Wolves did what they always do when they get a big lead. They started playing sloppy and allowed Denver to cut the lead to 80-77 with about 4 minutes left. I was having deja vu from almost every other game the Wolves have played recently, and was convinced the Wolves would lose by 15.

But the Wolves found a way to rewrite the ending this time. It was a small but important victory in getting the season back on track. Our upcoming schedule is rather soft, so it's a great opportunity for them to get back into a winning mindset. With Cassell due to come back, and Flip knowing what's wrong with the team, this may be the time for the Wolves to turn it around. If they can't do it now, it might mean the end of all hope for getting a decent seed in the playoffs. The could end up at the bottom or miss the playoffs completely.