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Saturday, January 08, 2005

So Close

It seems only appropriate that the first game Mark Madson misses, somebody on the Wolves misses a lay up that would have won the game.

With a few minutes left, it looked like the Wolves would pull it off, and it would one of the biggest wins of the season. Despite not having Cassell or Maddog, the Wolves were up by 6 with just 1:49 to go when the shooting went cold and they were unable to close it out.

I was rummaging through the web before the game today when I found an article (unfortunately, I can't re-find it so that I can link to it) where Troy said that his ankle generally felt good, but sometimes would get stiff when he had been sitting for a while. This gave me some degree of optimism, as I thought that maybe starting the game and getting more minutes would help keep him looser and playing better. Plus, just getting more minutes and having added responsibility might help propel him back to old form.

When the game started I had mixed feelings. Troy went out after about 9 minutes and the Wolves were down 24-15. Despite this, I didn't think Troy had done a particularly bad job out there. In fact, it was hard for me to figure out who exactly to blame for this. I sort of felt like we had done an ok job (except for missing a bunch of easy shots on offense) and that the Wizards were just playing quite well.

What I saw next was something I haven't seen in weeks. Our second unit was actually playing well. We had 4 reserves score in double figures and our bench outscored theirs by a total of 56-7. It's difficult to say whether this is a direct result of Anthony Carter running our second unit or not since it's just one game, but with Cassell out, I'll definitely be looking at our other two point guards and comparing them. If there's one thing that comes out of Cassell's injury, it is that the Wolves will probably end up with a competent back up point guard--one way or the other.

Here's a brief comparison of the two from tonight's game:

AC 231360+4

AC clearly wins round 1.