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Friday, April 08, 2005

It's On!!!

Tonight is a big night for Wolves fans.

Tonight we play Denver and a win could be a huge step toward making the playoffs. A loss, however, might cripple our chance of making it. If we lose, we will fall 5 games behind Denver in the loss column, meaning that we'll have virtually no chance of catching them. We still might be able to catch Memphis (who plays Miami tonight), but we will then be either 3 or 4 games behind them in the loss column, and they hold the tie-break.

On the other hand, a win would put us 3 behind Denver and give us the tiebreaker over them, and we'd be only 2 or three games behind Memphis.

I was talking about the Wolves with Petey the other night, and he seems very optimistic that the Wolves will indeed make the playoffs. Memphis has not been playing well as of late and has a ridiculously hard schedule.


@San Antonio
San Antonio
Golden State
@New Orleans
San Antonio

The Wolves will have a much easier schedule down the stretch. On top of this, they've been playing like an elite team lately, while the Grizz seem to have gone down the shitter.

I'm not as optimistic as Petey about the Wolves chances, but I certainly feel better about them now than I did a while ago. Plus, I feel like if they actually do make the playoffs, the way they're playing now, they'll probably be the most talented 8-seed in the history of the NBA and will actually have a chance to make it out of the first round.