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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Going To California

Well, the Wolves did manage to beat the Bobcats somehow. And they actually Managed to stay close against Miami for three-and-a-half quarters before eventually collapsing. Still, it's always fun to see Hack-A-Shaq in action. Unfortunately for the Wolves, Shaq was a monster both on and off the free throw line tonight.

This makes the Wolves 0-1 in their stretch in which I said they need to go 4-1 or better, or 1-4 or worse. So in order to make me happy, they'll have to go 4-0 in their next 4, or else just lose a bunch. The easiest game of the stretch should be tommorrow night against Orlando. I'd say that the Spurs should be an easier game if Duncan stays out, but I won't put anything past that team anymore. I got to watch part of their game against Phoenix the other day, and they almost managed to win despite not having The Big Muppet or Ginobli. That's like taking KG, Wally, and Hoiberg out of our lineup (We don't have anybody that's as good as Ginobli right now, so I figure I have to take two of our guys out).

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I won't be around to witness most of this stretch. On Saturday, I'm flying out to California to meet up with Petey and we'll hang out there a bit, and will be driving out to Vegas for a few days as well. In all likelihood, this means this will be the last blog you hear from me for a while. It's possible that I might get a blog in, but not being able to watch the games, I probably won't have much to say anyway. On the plus side, my writing has been sporatic and unispired at best. Thus, it's not likely that anybody will miss me, and some time off might get me inspired to start writing again.

Highlights of the trip will include: Poker, Beer, Beaches, Beer, Poker, Beer, and a Clippers vs. Bulls game (where I'm likely to consume beer). I'm actually quite excited about getting to see the Staples Center. I've never actually been to a major pro sporting event outside of Minnesota, so it should bee cool to go somewhere else for a change. Every summer I think about driving out to Milwaukee to catch the Twins, but as of yet, I haven't actually decided to do it. Unfortunately, the Clippers vs. Bulls game was the only NBA game going on there during the week I'll be in the area. The Lakers are away the entire week, and had I stayed a day longer, I might have been able to catch the Kings.

Not being partial to either team, I hardly who to root for. Should I pull a "When in Rome..." and root for the Clippers, or should I attempt to draw the ire of all those hardcore Clippers fans by cheering for the Bulls? I have no good reason to choose, so I welcome your opinion and comments.

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