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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rockets put the L on notice

So, I only caught the last bit of the Indiana/Boston game and saw Reggie doin' his thang. While part of me wants to hate and loathe him, it was very exciting to see him more or less single handedly lead his team to victory in a crucial game against a superior squad. Unfortunatley, Boston will still win this series. They simply have many more good players. Indiana is like three deep: O'Neal, Miller, Jackson. Boston has bazillions of at least good players plus a couple 'great' ones. However, I don't want to count out Indiana completely given all they've conquered this season and the fact their coach is a million times better.

Okay, so the main thing I watched last night was the Rockets completely dismantlel the Mavericks in a game Dallas pretty much had to have. The key to this team really is Yao and he was Yao-tastic last night. If he can play like that in just 4 out of every 7 games (although he really ought to be playing forceful, aggressive basketball every game) this Rockets team could take out anyone. No one can guard T-Mac and the fact that he's rededicated (he was amazing in his first couple years on Toronto) himself to defense under JVG means he can take over at least a couple games a series. If he can then ride Yao for another game or two I don't see how anyone can beat them. Oh, and anyone notice that Deke is playing extremely productive minutes for Houston even at 80 years of age??? He *still* can control a defensive possession and is one bony motherf*cker which really pisses every big man on the opposing team off. Even just 10 minutes a game from him is enough to throw another team off it's game for Yao to come back in fresh and with initiative.

Man, these are the Rockets that everyone thought we'd get to see when they traded for T-Mac! I hope JVG doesn't completely suffocate and choke T-Mac once they're back on their home court with an even more plodding and deliberate offense. Oh, one last thing about T-Mac and JVG pairing. JVG has always had teams that basically squeeze the shot clock on every possession but none of those teams had a scorer who could make something out of nothing - so there were too many possessions that ended up with them taking the whole shot clock and then not creating a look at the end of it. T-Mac can bail his team out of those several possessions each game where they've used the shot clock, gotten slightly out of rythm and need to huck one up....this results in a few more points per game for an anemic offense just b/c T-Mac almost prefers to jack up a shot from a busted offense.

Anyway, I'm diggin' these Playoffs, even though the T-Wolves are fishin' right now.