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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Last night's loss was so ridiculous it's just impossible for me to talk about it without getting pissed off. Much like the Wolves did in the 3rd quarter against the Wizards when we blew our huge lead, KG barely touched the ball on offense while the Wolves watched their 16-point lead get swallowed.

At one point, Jim Peterson commented that when things are going badly, maybe it would be a good idea to get the ball to KG. Like clockwork, they gave the ball to KG in the post, he made a nice move but missed the shot. Then it was 3 minutes before he even touched the ball on offense again.

In the past, the Wolves have generally run their offense through KG. You get him the ball and either let him take a shot or wait for the double team to come so he can get somebody else a good shot. When the Wolves had Cassell, he'd often just run around and create his own shot. However, without Cassell, the Wolves should be more focused on getting the ball to KG almost every time down the court. Let the defense get disrupted when they have to come double team and move the ball around to get a good shot.

I'm not really sure what Casey's ideas are here and why he seems to restrict this scheme to the third quarter. If you're just going to have KG run around the top of the key setting screens, we may as well rest him and put Maddog or someone else in there. Just watching the game, you got the feeling that we were running a scheme designed to get shots for anybody but KG. We're talking about a perennial MVP candidate who was 5th in the league in FG% coming into the game. We start the quarter off going 0-8 from the field with 5 turnovers and we're having Garnett run around the top of the key trying to set screens to get THud a 20-foot jumper??? WTF is that!?!?!

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Cleveland(+3.5) at Indiana ($21/$20)
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