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Friday, January 27, 2006

Monster Trade in Minny


After years and years of talk, the Wolves finally traded away Kandi and Wally.

Now close your eyes and try think of what you would most want in a trade involving the two of them.

Did you wish for Ricky Davis and Mark Blount? Me neither, but that's what we got. We also managed to lose another first round draft pick, but pick up two second rounders and some spare parts.

I've been thinking about the deal now for about 30 minutes and the best I can do to describe it is "It's OK". It's clear that the Wolves needed to shake things up a bit. What we had going on just wasn't working. Davis should be an ample replacemet for Wally and Blount will be a slight upgrade from Kandi at center. On the minus side, we are now saddled with Blount's contract until 2010 and I sort of miss having 1st round draft picks.

My biggest concern now is that the Wolves have really mortgaged their future in a futile attempt to win now. We lost draft picks in 4 of 5 years before this one, we've traded away next years and now have traded away another one while taking on the gigantic contract of a mediocre player.