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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ricky Davis is a pimp

Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this a little bit, but he had a very solid first effort out there. Here's the line:

10-18 FGs
26 points
6 rebounds
3 assists

In addition, he grabbed a clutch rebound, sunk two clutch free throws and played very solid D.

Ricky will bring a few things to the Wolves that Wally could not. The first is speed. I was really impressed with just how quick he was out there. The broadcast team went off about how this trade is really going to help our team speed, but it wasn't just lip service. Ricky can really fly out there, and isn't afraid to draw contact.

Second is his defense. A key example of this happened last night at the end of the game. The Wolves were up by 2 with about 30 seconds remaining. The Rockets are going to McGrady--everyone in the arena, everyone watching on TV, and even some people in parts of rural Africa know it. The play starts with Hassell guarding TMac. They run him through a high screen. Switch. Now KG is guarding him. Another screen. Switch again. Now Ricky is guarding him. TMac drives and is forced to take an off balance 15-footer.

The Wolves will now be able to put out a defensive unit of KG, Eddie, Hassell, Ricky, and somebody else. Now that's a solid unit.

I also think it will be nice to have him around to help McCants develop. I picture McCants as playing a very similar style to Ricky eventually, and it will help to have a player like that around to aid in his development.