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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Twolves Blow

Yet again, the Wolves blew a huge lead and lost a game that they should have won by double figures. Forget all the close games that the Wolves lost earlier this season, there have been at least 4-5 games now that the Wolves have lost that probably should have been double digit victories (2 in the past week).

If the Wolves had won of these games, they would now be a very respectable 23-15. Had they managed to pull out wins in some of those other close games, they'd have one of the best records in the league.

I guess I see that they could easily have an amazing record right now and that is why I keep thinking that they could still be a very competitive team in the West. They've had a lot of blown opportunities and have had only a few games where they've been on the wrong end of a blow out.

On the other hand, their inability to actually win these games is beginning to make me lose faith in them. They have been absolutely awful when KG is not on the court. Forget about Artest (Now a Sacramento King), lets trade for some backups who can actually play.

Speaking of Trades

The huge rumor going around is that the Wolves will be shipping Kandi off to Boston for center Mark Blount. There was a rumor about a similar (but more elaborate) trade running around this summer and I had this correspondence with Jeff over at Celtic's Blog.


You'd better hope you don't get Kandi. He's a cancer.


Blount is a bigger cancer with an albatross contract but grass is
always greener right?

While Blount seems to have a bit of an upside over Kandi, he does have a rather monster contract that the Wolves would need to take on (about $7 million/year on average through 2010). Considering the size of his contract, I don't really like this deal for the Wolves. I don't think Blount represents any sort of long term solution to the Wolves problems at center and this contract would saddle us with him for way too long. At some point I think the Wolves should just cut their losses and let Kandi play out the season and find a better replacement at the end of the season (or wait for a better deal).

Tonight the Wolves have to play Detroit. My only hope is that nobody gets hurt.