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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quit Teasing Me

So after a very nice win against Phoenix, the Wolves come out and completely dominate early against the Cavs, building a 15 point lead in the 1st quarter. Then, the have to go and blow it...again.

Rather than gripe about the game, I'll instead look at some of the interesting things that have happened to the Wolves since the trade.

1. Marcus Banks

He's been spectacular since coming over. Some people thought that in the first couple of games that we might be showcasing him for a trade. This seems quite unlikely to me however, since at this point he's started logging significant minutes. Others have complained about him not getting enough assists. I think it would be a mistake for Casey to try and force him into that kind of role. That's exactly what happened in Boston and I don't want the Wolves to make the same mistake. He's always going to be a shoot first point guard.

2. Marko Jaric

He's now gotten a "DNP-CD" for two consecutive games. After the first one, I thought Casey might just be trying to light a fire under him, but now I'm beginning to think they might be in serious trade talks about him. At the beginning of the season, I remember being impressed with him because he was always running around trying to get steals. Now he doesn't seem to be doing much of anything when he's out there except bringing the ball up the court.

3. Mark Blount

I figured he would be a key point in this trade. For the first few games, he looked like a guy deserving of a very nice contract, but has since reverted to a Kandi-like state of ineptitude. This is quite concerning for me, as I'm not sure I can handle another 47 years of a Kandi clone.