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Monday, November 01, 2004

Jailblazers already off and running

So Qyntel Woods is under investigation for his involvement in a dog fight ring. Apparently getting high and then watching dogs rip each other to shreds is his idea of a good time. However, the story doesn't stop there! Zack Randolph reportedly helped intimidate a witness in the case. And Qyntel hadn't even been charged with anything yet! Very smart move, smart enough to get the Blazers to cave in and sign him to an $83 million max contract today. Looks like no one has learned a lesson on the team or within the organization. No wonder Sheed is finally on the straight and narrow. At this point you could send Hoiberg to the Blazers and he'd start raping, smokin' and abusing animals left and right.

The NBA, it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!