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Sunday, February 06, 2005

News Flash: Kandi Has Monster Game

I decided to take a break from blogging. I've been busy all weekend and have been frustrated by a lack of good things to say. Today's entry should be nice and short.

There have been two games since the last time I blogged, and the Wolves managed to find ways to lose both of them. Watching both games, I felt like we should have won both of them, but missed opportunities at the end of the game turned two wins into two losses.

Our major problem against the Rockets was rebounding. Everything else looked good for the Wolves, except that they were outrebounded by 15. Yet despite this, they still came close to winning. Imagine what the game would have looked like if they had rebounded. It would have been a slaughter.

I'm not really sure how they lost today's game. All the numbers looked good. They shot 47% from the field, outrebounded the Celtics by 4 and only turned the ball over 10 times. For this win, I give a lot of credit to the Celtics, especially Pierce and Payton. They played extremely well.

Things might have been different, but Hassell had to sit down early in the third quarter with foul trouble. That left Wally to defend Pierce. Frankly, Pierce just embarrassed him repeatedly. When Hassell finally came back in, Pierce immediately drained a highly-contested baseline jumper. What's a brother gonna do?

We also managed what might be the greatest performance we will ever see from Kandi again. I swear, this isn't something I'm completely making up. Kandi actually played very well. During the first half, he had 10 points on 5-9 shooting with 7 boards. Wolves announcer Jim Peterson commented "That's about a week's worth of production from Michael Olowokandi". I just had to laugh out loud when he said that.

So, the good news is that the Wolves actually looked a little bit more desperate out there. They reminded me more of the teams I was used to watching. They've also got a light schedule ahead and still have a good chance to make the playoffs.

The bad news--the Wolves still aren't winning the championship this year.