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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not A Bad Start

but not a great one either.

Had the game ended after the third quarter, I would have been much happier with the Wolves performance. Even when they got way behind, I noticed that every single shot they took was either in the paint or a wide open jumper. If we could continue doing this, I knew that the shots would eventually start falling and that we'd probably win the game.

Well, that did happen, and by the end of the third quarter the Wolves had opened up 13 point lead.

And then with KG on the bench, the Wolves began what was a common theme last year. They started letting up a little bit and got a little sloppy--letting the Blazers back into it. Then KG came back in a settled things down a bit until the end. At the end, the Wolves play because very sloppy and they almost blew it.

Luckily the Wolves prevailed and will hopefully learn from the experience.

Despite our late game struggles, I found a lot of things to like about the game. Richie Frahm is apparently the new Fred Zoidberg. It's good to know we kept an extra one in the take, just in case the original was diagnosed with a heart condition and would miss at least the entire season.

Also, it's nice to actually have an exciting new rookie to watch. McCants didn't have a great night tonight, but I thought he played relatively well. He also had a good preseason which leads me to believe that we'll see good things from him in the future, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's starting by Christmas. In addition, he's playing the position previously held by Sprewell. I got so sick of having to watch a disgruntled veteran with a not-so-secret loathing for the team. In his place, we get the opposite. Although McCants may not be fully developed yet, it's fun to watch a player who's young and has some upside.

Today's Picks

Pheonix (Moneyline) over LAL ($20/$30)
Phx/LAL under 203.5 ($22/$20)

I had a bit of deja vu tonight when the Lakers/Nuggets game went to OT. Yet despite this, I still managed to make my under. Pheonix got to 108 last game, but it took two OTs to get there and LA never made it to 100, despite an OT in their first game. This leads me to feel pretty good about betting another under (I swear, I actually do bet overs sometimes). I also liked the Pheonix Moneyline. The Lakers are on the tail end of a back-to-back with the first one going to overtime. I have LA as slight favorites, but I like the odds I'm getting to bet Phoenix.

Yesterday: 2-1 +$20.19
YTD: 2-3 -$34.01