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Friday, November 19, 2004

Pistons vs. Pacers

Anyone who just saw the amazing conclusion to the Pacers/Pistons game is just plain lucky. It was the most amazing thing in basketball that I've ever seen and it didn't even happen on the court. I have to admit that while most people become more disenfranchised with the way athletes behave and conduct themselves, I definitely find it amazingly entertaining when some completely crazy sh*t happens. This season has been full of ridiculous happenings:

1) Sprewell is quoted as being unsatisfied with a contract at less than $14.6 million a year because "he has mouths to feed." Yeah, that's what he need the millions of dollars for. Just be honest, you want as much money as you can possibly get and are in the enviable position of playing professional basketball which has a big enough market to enable you to reap such huge benefits.

2) Ron Artest asks for a month off of basketball because he is tired from promoting his rap album and the album of Allure who his label represents. His coach sits him for two games and he responds to media questioning by acting as if his request was perfectly reasonable and that it was okay because he'd then be more focused on their stretch run near the end of the season.

3) Ben Wallace gets fed up with a hard (but probably not flagrant) foul by Ron Artest at the end of a frustrating game where the Pistons are being handled. He pushes Artest in the face with both hands and an altercation on the court ensues. Artest ends up lying with his back on the scorers table (yeah, like anything he does makes sense) and just as all the drama has seemingly come to an end a fan pours/throws a beer at him. Unfortunately for the fan (but fortunately for all other fans watching) the beer it right on target and Ron Artest goes ape sh*t and bum rushes the fan. Every player on the court attempts to get in on the action -- even Reggie Miller (nursing a wrist injury). Stephen Jackson is just wailing on any fan that comes near him needs to be heavily restrained. To top it off, Rasheed Wallace is the peacemaker, trying desperately to separate fans and players (as now everyone seems to be pushing/shoving/throwing beers).

Of course, it will be interesting to see the league's take on all of this. It is safe to say that basketball probably hasn't experienced this type of all out court scene since games were played in cages (to separate fans form players due to excessive violence).

Moral of the story: The NBA.......It's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!!!