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Sunday, May 15, 2005

More Round 2

I was trying to convince Petey to write this one, but unfortunately, he was unable to keep his manlove for Dwyane Wade from spewing all over the place. Thus, I had to come in as his back-up.

Pacers vs. Pistons

I know I said the Pacers had about a 0% chance to win this series, so how'd they get up 2-1?

I was watching them on Friday and they just looked completely out of whack out there. On offense, there was no flow whatsoever. True, their offense has never been great, but when you hold your opponent to 79 points and still lose, something is wrong.

I couldn't figure out exactly why they looked so awful out there. This is a team that won a championship last year by playing good team basketball. How have they gotten so disorganized on the court?

It wasn't until tonight that Petey pointed something out to me that made a lot of sense. They're exhausted.

Larry Brown has basically gone with a 7 man rotation. In one game against Philly, they actually got 12 DNP-CDs. Don't believe me? Check it out!

Seriously though, they are going to keep getting run down if they don't start putting some fresh bodies out there. Even if they get past Indy, Benny Wallace isn't going to be able to walk straight after playing 40 minutes against Shaq for the first couple games.

Dallas vs, Phoenix

This is probably my favorite of the second round match-ups. I would also say it's probably the most even of the 4.

Remember at the beginning of the season how Mark Cuban, et. al were trying to tout Dirk as an MVP candidate? Remember how they were all talking about how much his defense had improved?

After game 1, Nowitski gave Erik Dampier a public tongue lashing for his defensive play in allowing Amare to go off for 40. However in game 2, TNT exposed Dirk. Time and time again, Dirk would not come over to play help D when he was supposed to. So maybe Dirk's man defense has become much improved. It's much easier when you completely neglect your help defense to play better man D.


Sonics vs. Spurs

The Sonics managed to win a game, but this is still over in 5.

Wizards vs. Heat

So I tease Petey about his manlove for DW, but in his defense, it's largely justified. They rampaged right past Washington as expected. Now Shaq has about a month to heal before their next game. So much for having an exciting Eastern Conference finals...sigh.

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