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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chalk up a W

I was at work until late and missed the beginning of the game. Then I came home and my cable was still on the fritz. I could watch the game, but it was a bit choppy and blocky and was hard to tell exactly what was going on from time to time. It's kinda like watching video on the internet, except without all the boobs.

I started to get worried when the Wizards started to make their push and you knew that it was about time for KG to rest. Well, Casey took the novel approach of leaving him in for the rest of the game. He did something similar to this in a game earlier this season that I praised, but the situation there was a bit different. That time, the Wolves were gelling and had a rather substantial lead. Here, the Wolves were reeling and I probably would have preferred to see Casey take him out at least for a little bit. Casey might have shown a slight bit of panic here as a rookie coach who was afraid to take out his superstar for fear of losing a relatively unimportant early season game.

I don't see anything wrong with doing this from time to time, but this certainly isn't going to be a long term solution to our "KG is resting near the end of the game" problems.

Today's bets

Charlotte(+14) at Indiana $44/$40
Chicago(+3.5) at Seattle $33/$30
Miami(-3.5) vs. 76ers

Yesterday: 1-2 -$24
YTD: 27-40-2 -$303.42

Edit: Adding

Detroit(-3.5) at Houston $21.40/$20

1st Quarters

Utah(+3.5) at Phoenix $16.50/$15
Char(+4.5) at Indiana $15.90/$15