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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Picks 11/11

Managed to recoup a bit of my losses from yesterday today. I'll probably check in tomorrow to see what the lines have done and may be adding some more.

Indiana/NJ Under 192 ($22/$20)
Utah(-4) at Toronto ($21.60/$20)
Denver(+2) at Sacramento ($21/20)
Denver(ML) at Sacramento ($20/$24.40)

Analysis: Toronto and Sacramento have been terrible. That is all.

Yesterday: 2-1 +$19.40
YTD: 18-19-1 -$3.32



Charlotte(ML) vs. Dallas ($20/$40)
Charlotte(+5) vs. Dallas ($21.60/$20)
Dallas/Charlotte Over 192 ($30.60/$30)
Detroit(-7) at Portland ($21.8/$20)

It was really hard for me to pull the trigger on a road team playing a back-to-back and giving up 7 points, but Detroit is playing extraordinary basketball right now, and Portland is one of the worst teams in the league. I may live to regret this one, but the numbers seemed pretty good for Detroit. Charlotte has also been playing decent basketball, and only has losses to tough teams so far. No way they should be 5-point dogs versus and overrated Dallas team at home.