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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wolves Lose

At this point, I'm not disappointed. The Wolves currently have the 9th worst record in the league, 1.5 games behind Houston and Golden State. If they stay in the bottom 10, they'll get to keep their draft pick next year.

KG had his 1 millionth consecutive double-double, and the Boston guys seemed to play well (although I didn't get to see the game). As someone who's looking forward to next year, I'm glad to see those guys do well, as they'll be a very important part of our team next year.

Here's why I'm optimistic about next year:

KG, Ricky Davis, and Marcus Banks could turn into a very powerful trio. All three of them are strong on both ends of the court, and could make for a very strong nucleus.

Blount and EG platooning the center position. Blount has played up to expectations since getting here, but will never be a defensive monster. EG is getting his eye's fixed during the off season (not sure why he doesn't just do it now). I hope he can recover from this dreadful season and turn into a powerful 1-2 offensive-defensive punch with Blount.

An improving McCants and potential draft pick. McCants looked like he would be a bust for a while, but seems to be coming around now. If the Wolves get to keep their pick, they could potentially get another productive player for next year.

A reduced role for Jaric. He came to the Wolves with a lot of expectations, and couldn't live up to them. He seemed to get really depressed about it, and then really tanked. However, he's been playing a little bit better lately. He's never going to be as good as we had hoped, but still has potential to be a solid role player who can get a lot of steals.

Chemistry. This aspect cannot be overlooked. It's hard for a team to drastically change rosters the way the Wolves did during the middle of the season and then have success. They went a long time without really even getting to practice together. Having a full off-season to get used to each other will be a huge boost to this team next year.