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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Twolves, Trading, and Chad Ford

I think the house pretty much nailed the poll questions except for:

#7 There is exactly 0% chance Phil Jackson coaches the T-wolves.
#8 Less than 1% of basketball fans picked the Sonics to win the division - I'd tell you to look it up, but I don't need to here, ;).

Okay, now on to Chad Ford. My feelings for him can be summed up in three letters and one symbol:


I don't get ESPN insider mainly *because* Chad Ford is their featured NBA writer. He routinely just makes stuff up completely and/or gives analysis that really doesn't make *any* sense. In my opinion he's worse than Peter Vescey (who would reportedly come up with trades minutes before TNT or ESPN or whomever switched to him on TV, half the time the numbers didn't even work out).

First, I don't buy for a second that the T-Wolves are thinking of making that trade with the JailBlazers. You're trading one major headcase (Spree) for TWO major headcases (Darius 'I had potential' Miles and Ruben 'the original rapist' Patterson). Besides, then they'd have all sorts of SF/PF skinny forward types who do the same thing: KG, Rahim, Miles. They don't need a much crappier version of KG, they need some muscle and/or tenacious point guard and/or anyone who doesn't play KG's positions similarly.

As for claiming KG might ask for a trade - Chad is completely fishing. Sure, he *might*, but I *might* be coaching the T-Wolves this time next year for all we know. What I *do* know is that KG has had opportunities to ask for trades repeatedly but time and time again has stuck with the T-Wolves b/c he wants to *be* a franchise. This is why he didn't demand a trade when he was drafted (like Vince 'I'm a HUGE bitch' Carter) and why he's taken a HUGE paycut to bring in help. This is also why it's not only okay for him to have say over the team, but he *must* have say over the team.

Toey brings up some good ideas about trading. The problem is that Van Exel and/or Rahim do not complement KG and Wally (the two most unmovable T-Wolves, and the two I'd also try to keep together believe it or not). I *still* like my trade for Marbury better as he's got many more tools than Van Exel. I also think Marbury would benefit greatly from sharing point duties with KG -- Van Exel had a chance in Dallas to sort of do this and couldn't while playing with Nash. Van Exel played well but basically just chunked the ball up towards the rim and caught fire in the playoffs.

Now, there was a trade I almost posted that would have Pierce go to the T-wolves. The biggest problem is that Boston has been playing too well and likely won't want to go into full-on rebuild mode. Anyway, this is what the trade would look like:

Jiri Welsch
23.7 million

24.5 million

Boston would get a ton of cap space and keep their young nucleous intact since doesn't mesh well with Pierce -- see Sports Guy for pertinent analysis:

Sg's Boston Analysis 1
Sg's Boston Analysis 2

The Twolves get Pierce who would be the perfect fit with KG in my opinion. Both like to set up half court and work the offense in a two man game. Pierce needs emotional spark and leadership (which Antoine Walker supplied in spades, as well as bricked 3s) while KG needs a 4th quarter clutch monster. And Lafrentz may have an albatross contract but there simply aren't good centers in the league and he can rebound and shoot the three (spread the floor for Pierce/KG and help on the boards, which KG needs *desperately*).

I would have liked to see Flip stay to coach the resulting team as I think he's also be a good fit for it and calming influence on Pierce.

As for the T-wolves making the playoffs this year, I think it's quite doubtful. It hinges on how 'sore KG's knee really is since there's no way to know publicly how nagging it's been. If it's solid soon, then I think the T-wolves have a 50/50 chance. However, I think there is more to his sore knee than he is willing to admit and the T-wolves actual chances are closer to 40/60. Here's to the 40%!!