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Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Blowout

Wanna know how busy I've been?

I didn't even realize the Wolves played tonight. The good news is that the game didn't appear to offer much excitement. The bad news is that I missed my chance to see the Wolves and their finest. I would have really liked to see it. So far this season, I feel a bit bi-polar when watching them.

Eddie Griffin, playing in his home town, had a career day. He had 11 rebounds along with a career high 27 points. I've been praising Eddie all season, and he made another big step in his mission to crack the starting lineup. Go, Eddie, Go.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, embarrassed themselves. Iverson shot 2-13 from the field. Korver went 1-12 from three point range. That's right--1-for-12. I can only imagine how much I would have enjoyed watching him put up brick after brick.

Soon all this hell will be over, and I'll be back to my usual ultra-verbose postings.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Suck My @$#%!

I just saw a story on the news about Sprewell's "Suck my dick" comment from last night. Apparently, it was directed at out of the fans and the league is now considering some sort of punishment. Also, as a result, Clippers games will now be broadcast with a seven second delay.

I promise to put up more posts in the near future, but I'm completely swamped at the moment with the end of the term coming up. Just wanted to throw this out there.