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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ping Pong Balls

I've been back from Vegas for over a week and I've only managed to see one Wolves game--a victory which we almost blew against the Hornets.

This is rather unfortunate because the Wolves have actually been winning (I'm not sure if this means they're playing well or not). Luckily for me, I actually do realize that there's a game tomorrow and am planning to watch it.

As for the Wolves playoff chances, I still don't like them very much. Denver suffered a minor setback against Phoenix last night, but still look strong and in control. Even though the Wolves are only two games back in the standings, we're 3 games back in the loss column and have a tougher remaining schedule.

I got to thinking about the Wolves situation and whether or not it's even worth it to make the playoffs at this point. As I've pointed out before, the Wolves have very little chance of winning it all, even if they do sneak into the playoffs. Of course, these numbers would probably be smaller than the Wolves actual chances for winning since the Wolves would be playing basketball at a level much higher than their record would indicate if they actually made the playoffs.

Still, their actual chances of winning it all would be extremely small. If the Wolves miss the playoffs, they will likely be the team with the best record who didn't make it. This would secure them the 14th spot, with a very small chance of jumping up and grabbing a top 3 pick. On the other hand, making the playoffs would give us no chance of a top 3 pick, and would lump us in with all the non-playoff teams. Right now, Denver has the same winning percentage as the Bulls, who are the #5 seed in the east. This means that the Wolves would likely have the 18th or 19th pick in the draft.

I did a little digging to see the difference between #14 picks, and slightly lower picks in the draft. Well, as you might have guessed, there really isn't a whole lot of difference. Seattle picked up Luke Ridnour a few years ago with the 14th pick, but then again, Portland grabbed Zach Randolph in 2001 with the 19th pick. Most of the players in that range either turn out to be busts or role players.

So, my conclusion is that it doesn't matter all that much which pick we get and I can't seem to pull myself to route against the Wolves.

Thus...GO WOLVES!!!