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Thursday, March 03, 2005

We Suck

We blew an 11-point second half lead at home to the Warriors. What more is there to say?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

1-2 since the All-Star Break

First we lose to the Clippers.

Then we blow a 16-point second half lead against Seattle.

Tonight, we managed to barely avoid a catastrophic collapse for the second straight game.

Afterwards, the Wolves announcers went on and on about what a big win this was.

Haven't I told you all this story before?

It was a big win only because it doesn't completely eliminate all hope of our winning a championship. Since McHale has taken over, our defense has looked better, but we're still anything but a powerhouse. I was cautiously optimistic coming off of all-star break that we'd be a better team. Our defense had improved, Kandi was actually starting play like a real NBA center, and Spree seemed like he actually did want to feed his children next season.

But we lose Kandi and Eddie the first game back and we barely manage to escape the first three games after break with a win. I'm sorry, but I still can't feel too good about this team. If we can barely beat the Blazers after having a 14-point lead, what are our chances of beating the Spurs in a best of 7 series?

This team has broken my heart too many times this season for me to have any faith in them.