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Friday, November 04, 2005


It was about a year ago that Petey and I went to go see the Timberwolves play the Sonics at the Target Center. Things were quite a bit different then. Petey lived in Minnesota. Flip Saunders was still the head coach of the Timberwolves. Nate McMillan was still the coach of the Sonics. Dwane Casey was assistant coach of the Sonics. I thought the Wolves would be good and the Sonics would suck.

A year later things have changed. The Sonics are supposed to be good (at least somewhat) and the Wolves are supposed to suck. I was hoping the Wolves would go in there and do something similar. A blowout would have been nice, but I would have settled for a win.

It was a bit frustrating to watch because it seemed as though there were lots of opportunities to take control of the game. We had a nice cushion near the end of the first half, but sloppy passing lead to tons of easy baskets fro the Sonics. Then, the Wolves went into their 4th-quarter-KG-is-out collapse.

The ESPN commentators kept talking about how Casey wants to reduce KG's minutes this year to take some of the load off, but I really how he doesn't do it. For starters, KG's 38.0 mpg were his lowest since the 98-99 season. Second, he's never shown any sort of fatigue late in the season and has missed three total games in 6 seasons, so injuries clearly aren't a problem for him.

I'm not exactly sure what the point of limiting his minutes would be unless he's already thrown in the towel for this season and is trying to keep KG fresh for next season.

11/5 Picks

I had a decent enough day, and it would have been even better had Ray Allen just beaten the Wolves in regulation with his shot at the buzzer. Instead, it took a garbage basket by Wally to turn my bet into a push. So that makes one loss and one push that I would have won had the game ended at the end of regulation in the first week of the season.

Lines are looking better today, but I'm holding off on a couple picks for now, so I'll probably be back in the afternoon with more.

SA(-2) over Dallas ($22/$20)
Utah(+2) over Phoenix ($20.40/$20)
Phoenix/Utah under 198 ($20.60/$20)
Atlanta(+7) over Portland ($21/$20)

SA is just looking completely unstoppable right now, and Dallas is still overrated. The next time that Atlanta might be this little of an underdog is when Portland comes to play in Atlanta.

Yesterday: 3-2-1 +$40
YTD: 6-6-1 +$13.99


Adding more bets.

Wolves(+5) over Clippers ($20/$20.20)

I think the Wolves are highly underrated by the public right now. It's true that they're not as good as they were 2 years ago, but they're not as bad as they were last season either. For this reason, there will probably be a lot of good bets on the Wolves until the public figures this out, which is good news for me as a bettor and a Wolves fan.

Indiana(-10) over Philadelphia ($21.20/$20)

You wouldn't think that a team with AI and CWebb could be this bad, but it appears that they are. Philly's been getting smacked around by everyone this season. On top of this, they're on the back end of a back-to-back while Indiana is well rested. You might not see me give this many points again all season.

Chicago(+5) over NJ ($20.60/$20)
Chicago(ML) over NJ ($20/$40.60)

I think that this game should be close to even. If anything, Chicago should be a slight favorite. They're on the road but well rested and NJ played last night.