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Monday, November 07, 2005

Picks 11/7

It's been a long day of work, and I almost forgot to make my picks for today. Here they are

Chicago (+6) over SA ($21.20/$20)

The Spurs showed a bit of mortality against Dallas the other night. Chicago is a strong team at home and even if the can't manage to take out the Spurs, there's still a very good chance they'll beat the spread.

Miami(-3) over NJ ($20.60/$20)

I know I said I'd be betting against Miami a lot early in the season, but things have changed. With Shaq out, the public will tend to overbet their opponents, so now Miami might actually be a good bet. They're still a very good team with a lot of depth and they should cover the small spread most of the time.

Yesterday 1-1 +$8.90
YTD 11-11-1 +$19.49

Edit 1:


Cleveland/Toronto Under 201 ($20/$21.17)
SA/Chicago Over 184 ($20/$23.13)

You can always tell when I make a bet at matchbook because I end up with these weird numbers.