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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picks 11/9

First off, can people see the comments on here and do they look right? I had some problems with them. If you can't see them or whatever, please drop me an email and let me know.

Wish I could have posted about the Wolves today, but I've been swamped with work again. Sometime this week, I'll give you some Wolves insight, as well as some insight into the world I've been living in.

I managed to go 50/50 for what seems like the hudredth straight day (although it's actually only 4). I suppose that's ok though, as long as I continue to be positive each day. It's surprising because normally you're supposed to lose to the vig, but the combination of good odds and winning the right bets has kept skyrocketing. Ok, maybe not skyrocketing, but not the opposite of skyrocketing either. That's nosediving. More like the inverse of skyrocketing, or 1/skyrocketing.

Seattle/Cleveland Under 201 ($22/$20)
Seattle was dreadful on offense tonight. They're going to play a tough team on the road and may very well get slaughtered again. I considered a bet on the spread on this one, but hated having to lay so many points. Still, I think Seattle gets destroyed and hopefully goes under 70 again.

Utah(+7.5) over NJ ($21.20/$20)
Utah's shown some strength early, and I still think they're being underrated by the public. Probably because they were crap last year and play in Utah. I may add a moneyline bet on this one tomorrow as well.

Lakers/Minnesota Over 189.5 ($31.50/$30)
I'm just going by the numbers here and they screamed over. My initial thought was that the numbers might be somewhat inflated due to the 3 combined overtime games the teams have played, but I took those out and the over was still a great bet.

Yesterday: 2-2 +$8.00
YTD: 15-15-1 +$29.98